Astro Turf

-AstroTurf is a synthetic way of keeping your yard looking green year long. It requires little to no maintenance, saving you money. Astroturf is environmentally friendly as it requires no water and no cutting; you will not be using carbon emitting machines that pollute the environment. Each turf is designed differently in order to serve different purposes; some are for golfing while others are for pure aesthetic. Below, we have a few samples of the types of turf we work with. Visit our CONTACT page to receive a free quote. 


Complete Landscape Maintenance

-From shrub pruning, sod installations, plantings and even grass mowing, we will do everything we must to keep your lawn from looking like an abandoned field of collective weeds and dead plants. Our goal is to make your home stand out from the rest!

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Edging, Mulching and Bed Maintenance

-Garden beds are the face of your lawns. Keeping the edges sharp, the surface clear of weeds and of course mulch should be a number one priority to prevent your beds from looking like a miniaturized jungle. The way you care for your face should reflect the way you care for your lawn.


Horticultural Oil Application

-Horticultural Oil has many beneficial uses for your plants. It serves as a natural pesticide as well as an agent to prevent a variety of damaging plant and tree diseases. Based on our experience, we are able to determine whether this application is for you or not. Visit our contact page if you'd like more information on this.


Land Clearing Services

-Looking to expand your usable yard space? We've handled from the most simple jobs to more complicated ones. We can maximize your usable yard space within your property, afterward, we can look into a landscape design that can add garden beds or just simply add more grass area.


Lawn Aeration, Seeding, and Sod Installation

-Aeration is a process in which a machine (Core Aerator) digs small holes into the ground. This opens up and decompresses the ground in order for oxygen, water, and other nutrients to successfully enter through the roots of the grass. This promotes a healthier and more voluminous grass area. Seeding also promotes a more voluminous grass area, it also fills in bare spots and regenerates your lawn in general. Those processes take time in order to take effect. For a more rapid process, you may also consider sodding. Sodding a lawn does not require as much time for it to come into effect as core aerating or seeding does. Sodding happens just as fast as we can get it installed and the rest is just as simple as watering it. 

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Lawn Renovations

-At PJ's Landscape we specialize in renovating lawns, wether its via sod installation or core aeration and seeding. We can bring your lawn back to life and design it in a way that satisfies you and that works with your property; wether its inclined or flat, rocky or smooth


Ornamental Shrub and Tree Prunning

-Pruning a shrub or bush has two main benefits. It keeps your home looking neat and sharp as well as promoting a healthier bush/shrub altogether. This is done so by removing the dead parts of the bush and therefore removing the possibility for insects to make a home out of the dead sections.

Perennial Garden Installation

-Perennial gardens can be a magnificent explosion of colors if done the right way. These will add life color and texture to your main garden beds and improve the looks of your home.


Professional Lawn Care

-Professional lawn care is required to keep your grass looking green healthy and voluminous. This is done through grass cuttings, grass fertilization as well as seeding and core aerating. We may also have the option to spray a special herbicide that targets the weeds that grow with grass such as crabgrass.  


Rain Gardens

-Rain gardens are a great way to remove pollutants from rain. The water collected at the garden travels through the soil and into an underground body of water that the city may benefit from. We make sure that our soil organic matter meets the regulations imposed by the city's environmental department.

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Snow Removal

-Snow Removal is essential during snow season. Keep your driveways, walkways and porches clear of snow to avoid any incidents to yourself or neighbors.


Spring/Fall Cleanups

-During our fall/spring cleanups we remove not only leaves, but we also remove acorns, twigs, and sticks. Practically any debris on your lawn that is out of place is removed during our cleanups. We thrive to make your yard stand out from the rest!


Tick Spraying

-Ticks are small insects that feed on blood in order to complete their life cycles. While not all tick bites transmit diseases, some of them do. In order to prevent ticks from invading your yards and homes, we offer the option to spray insecticides. To hear more information on the type of spray we use or any other question, please see our contact page.


Weekly Lawn Mowing

-Aside from the aesthetic point of view, mowing your lawn has more benefits than you might think. For one, it removes small debris from your lawn weekly. It also keeps your lawn healthy as removing the tips of the grass promotes growth. Another great benefit is that it fertilizes your lawn naturally. The cut grass eventually dies and breaks down into components that rejuvenate your lawn.  ** WE DO NOT OFFER BI-WEEKLY MOWING**