Recommended Services

Below is a list of recommended services that complement our 7 step fertilization program that will improve the performance and looks of your lawn.

Core Aeration/Overseeding

Late Fall

Core aeration brings air into the root system of grass. Along with some over seeding, this service will improve the performance and looks of your lawn during the spring months.

Horticultural Oil Application

Early Spring/Late Fall
Horticultural oil is an eco friendly pesticide. This pesticide works by blocking the insect's airways, suffocating them as well as it affects the metabolism of insect eggs stopping them before they hatch. This application is human and pet friendly.

Insect Control


During the summer months, chinch bugs along with webworms start to show activity on your lawn. If left untreated they will wreak havoc on your lawn by consuming the natural fluids inside blades of grass. Our insecticide helps reduce the damage done by these bugs.



Thatch is beneficial for your lawn but only in small quantities, it conserves moisture in the soil and helps in temperature fluctuations. Too much of it will create a breeding ground for insects and will eventually suffocate the root system.

Soil Injection/Deep Root Feeding

Early Spring/Late Fall

This process uses a deep root zone injector that delivers nutrients directly to the root system of trees, shrubs and larger plants. This is needed if not all necessary nutrients reach the root systems of said trees, shrubs and plants; also needed if the soil is compacted around the plants and trees. 



Whether its brown patch, dollar spot or red thread, we can help control and eliminate fungus on your lawn. Adding this service will further add to the health of your lawn for a more dense green lawn.