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Frequently Asked Questions


When should I trim/prune my hydrangeas?

Trimming should happen between late summer and early fall to promote flowering the following year.


What are the spots on my plants?

Discoloration or spots on leaves are usually an indicator of some sort of illness, usually from fungus.

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Why do my plants look damaged?

Typically, damage in plants, where they look as if they've been cut or shredded is the result of deer browsing.


Why didn't my hydrangeas bloom this year?

There are a few factors that affect the blooming cycle of your plants. Some are environmental and some are poor maintenance.  

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Why is my lawn not growing as much this year?

There are several factors that influence the growth of your lawn. Some might be environment related and some can be related to the maintenance given to the lawn itself. 


Why do my boxwoods look damaged?

Boxwoods are susceptible to winter injury due to little or no snow, as well as diseases that need treatment. 

Water Droplets

When will my projects be completed?

Our services are at the mercy of mother nature, and therefore it is complicated for us to give an exact date. We can however, give a rough estimate on which week of the month the project may start.


Can you accommodate for a big event? 

There are many factors that influence our schedule such as weather, material availability and potential permit requests. If you have a big event coming up and need our services, please give us a month in advance notice, minimum, so that we may coordinate with our vendors and request any potential permits. 

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Can you come at a specific time for snow plowing?

Unfortunately for snow plowing, we can not accommodate for specific times. Road conditions will always play a determining factor in our ability to safely travel from location to location. Our safety and those around us always comes first. 

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