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7 Step Lawn Care Program

     Working with us, as opposed to a fertilizer company, eliminates having to coordinate different companies to work within each other's schedules. Dealing with this can be a headache, but with PJ's we coordinate internally so you don't have to. 

     We want to emphasize that each step of our fertilization program is a necessary component that contributes to the overall results that you want to achieve. We cannot omit one or two steps and expect the same results, as each application addresses different issues and builds upon the other applications.

     Rule of thumb is that you get what you're paying for. To produce the best quality work, we hire the best employees; they come with a competitive wage. Our materials are better than what most companies use to save a few dollars, which means they come with a higher price. For these reasons, our pricing tends to be higher than the rest. Our quotes are still free, so if you're interested in our services, give us a quick phone call and we can schedule you in. 

Some lawns may require additional service applications due to unforeseen problems, such as insects and diseases. These include: Insect control, fungicide program, tick program. Plant care services inlcude: root air spading, ornamental tree and shrub care, shrub feeding, anti-desiccant for boxwoods. New lawn contracts after May 15 may require additional post crabgrass applications.​ 


"There is no program out there that can claim to go head to head with Mother Nature and win. Mother Nature has the ability to humble even the greatest lawn care companies. We can do everything the right way but at the end of the day, Mother Nature is going to impose her will on the outcome and that is out of our control." Our applications are designed to help control; we do not guarantee that all ticks, insects and/or any associated disease risks will be eliminated.

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