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Hort oil

Horticultural Oil Application

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Horticultural oils are natural pesticides that control insects, mites, and even some plant diseases. They are specifically designed to control plant pests. Commercial horticultural oils are highly refined petroleum products filtered and distilled to remove compounds that may harm plants. 

Horticultural Oil Advantages


Oils are relatively safe for humans and wildlife.

Oils combat pests by blocking their airways as droplets. These droplets are too small to cause damage to a human being or pet/wildlife.


Low likelihood of resistance buildup

Since the mode of action is mechanical (smothering) rather than chemical, there is less likelihood of insects developing resistance to the oils.


They are less damaging to beneficial insect population.

Oils are nonselective, they smother most insects they contact, including beneficial insects. They evaporate quickly, degrade rapidly and leave no toxic residue. This makes them less disruptive to beneficial insect populations than chemical insecticides.

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