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Deep Root Feeding

Deep Root Feeding


Deep root fertilization is a specialized fertilizer application to help restore struggling trees showing signs of decline. This treatment uses high-pressure professional equipment to inject nutrients and organic matter into the soil around your trees' roots.

Benefits of Deep Root Feeding


Improved Flowering

Depending on the nutrients available to plants from the soil they're planted in, they might be unable to produce flowers. Deep root feeding provides nutrients directly to the root system, this promotes better growth and flowering.


Stimulates root and stem growth

Deep root feeding injection delivers nutrients straight to the roots of your trees and plants, then the nutrients are distributed to the canopy of the trees and flowers.


Decreased vulnerability to pests

With better canopy health and a healthy root system, it gives plants better resistance to damage from pests as they can recover quicker.


Reduces soil compaction around trees and shrubs

Over time, the soil your plants are in will get compacted and impact the health of your plants and trees' root system. Deep root feeding helps reduce soil compaction by injecting the soil with pressurized fertilizer/water solution which moves soil around underneath. This creates space for oxygenation of the root system.


Better resistance to plant disease

With nutrients being injected directly to the root system of plants, this gives plants and trees a boost of health making them more resistant to plant diseases.


Save Money not Having to Replace Plants and Trees

A benefit to keeping up with plant and tree care, is that you won't have to keep replacing them every time they get infested with pests or diseases; saving you plant cost and labor cost money.

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