Lawn Care and Maintenance


Aside from the aesthetic point of view, mowing your lawn has more benefits than you might think. For one, it removes small debris from your lawn weekly. It also keeps your lawn healthy as removing the tips of the grass promotes growth. Another great benefit is that it fertilizes your lawn naturally. The cut grass eventually dies and breaks down into components that rejuvenate your lawn. Professional lawn care is required to keep your grass looking green healthy and voluminous. This is done through grass fertilization as well as seeding and core aerating. We may also have the option to spray a special herbicide that targets the weeds that grow with grass such as crabgrass. Aeration is a process in which a machine (Core Aerator) digs small holes into the ground. This opens up and decompresses the ground in order for oxygen, water, and other nutrients to successfully enter through the roots of the grass. This promotes a healthier and more voluminous grass area. Seeding promotes a more dense grass area, it also fills in bare spots and regenerates your lawn in general. Those processes take time in order to take effect. For a more rapid process, you may also consider sodding. Sodding a lawn does not require as much time for it to come into effect as core aerating or seeding does. Sodding happens just as fast as we can get it installed and the rest is just as simple as watering it. *WE DO NOT OFFER BI-WEEKLY MOWING*